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Graduation is a momentous occasion; a time to be remembered for years to come. This time is typically filled with hopes, plans, and dreams for the future. Let me help you remember and cherish this special time with timeless portraits. The portraits I take will not only capture your graduates likeness, but also capture their personality and expressions in a great selection of photographs. You may choose from traditional or formal headshots and cap and gown portraits to casual personality-type with your choice of traditional, casual, cool-themed or even outdoor backgrounds. Added personality props can be used if you like, which may include a musical instrument, sports attire, favorite pet or even a portrait in the park with their first car. Our in studio graduate portrait session starts at $169. We have a special graduate package that includes the studio sitting, good day retouching, custom mounted print and wallet photos for $399. Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have or to schedule a portrait sitting.